Tania Mattock

Tania Mattock - pregnancy massage therapist London

As an osteopath and massage therapist, Tania’s specialities include treating patients in stressful jobs, the performing arts, sports and during pregnancy. She’s been helping people through pain, restricted movement and stress since 2002 in her work as a massage therapist, and she recently graduated with a master’s degree in osteopathy from the University College of Osteopathy.

Tania brings a range of techniques to her osteopathy and massage treatments here at Pimlico Osteopathy, including dry needling, kinesio taping, and lymphatic drainage, and she’s working towards a cranial qualification with the Rollin Becker Institute. She is also certified BTEC level 5 in Professional Sports Massage, with lots of experience treating professional athletes, including tennis players and golfers. Her pregnancy massages are popular treatments, bringing some much needed relaxation and tension release to women during all stages of pregnancy.

Registered osteopath 10306

tania@pimlicoosteopathy.com | ‭+44 7940 535660‬ | Personal website


Tania starts each appointment by talking to you to find out the causes and aggravating factors that relate to your symptoms. She’ll diagnose the underlying issue, and work in partnership with you through treatment and exercise prescription, giving you an active role in your treatment.

Prior to becoming a therapist, Tania worked in a variety of settings including City law firms and visual arts, so she understands the physical and mental pressures of working life across a number of sectors. Her sporting interests and experiences include bodybuilding, cycling and yoga.

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