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Although I am trained as an emotional intelligence consultant, my ‘real’ qualification is the path I have walked! After coming through major depression from my alcoholic father who died when I was 14, and suffering emotional and physical bullying from school and early work life, I learned the techniques I now teach ‘in the field’.

This was first as a personal fitness trainer for 15 years and then running my own emotional intelligence and trauma practice for the last 10 years. They worked for me and I have since shared them with tens of thousands of people with an extremely high success rate!

I didn’t start out to be a coach, simply to survive the abuse, but now teach on areas of trauma, self doubt, anxiety hijacking, guilt, shame and addiction.

Areas covered:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Anxiety Management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Life skills
    • goal setting
    • time management
  • Mind body connection


Your mind is like a computer and it learns continually. However, you do not have one mind, you have three, and if they have learned past programmes of self doubt and anxiety and you have not updated them they WILL manifest in your life today!

For some people they manifest as insecurity and for others a desperate need to succeed at all costs. However, if you update the cause (beliefs) you also change the effect (actions). Make an appointment to see how we can change those beliefs!


Life can be challenging enough without self doubts and insecurities hijacking your mind. Having distracted thoughts when you’re aiming to achieve something can be a prime cause of procrastination and lack of effective action. This can lead to poor health, loss of sleep and ruin a healthy work life balance which can affect you and your loved ones!


Self doubt and other negative emotions can be crippling for many and the easiest thing in the world is to bury them and get on with life, but trust me – that is the worst thing you can do. Anxiety compounds, and you will need more and more distractions and coping mechanisms as the years go on. Instead, why not make an appointment and we can work to change these patterns together? | 07886361781 |

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