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Matthew Ward is a qualified Level 3 Sports Masseuse and Level 4 Biomechanics Coach. He is currently studying to be an Osteopath at the London School of Osteopathy

Matt trained in massage therapy with Biomechanics Education in 2014. Combining his hands-on skills with his expert training knowledge, Matt is able to provide total patient care. A treatment with Matt will start with a short consultation and movement assessment followed with a range of soft tissue massage and muscle energy techniques. 

His interest in treatment and health came out of his decade working with health clubs, fitness boutiques and private clients, helping people to reach their health, fitness and wellbeing goals as a Reps Level 3 personal trainer since and fitness instructor since 2009, qualifying at Lifetime Training. Matt recognises that the function of the body is important to performance and the treatment of injuries, and predominantly specialises in strength and conditioning training for his fitness clients. 

Matt believes that pain management should include a holistic approach. This means considering things outside the treatment room, like monitoring and managing exercise, diet and sleep.

Matt has a passion for outdoor sports and is a keen snowboarder, surfer and cyclist.
Matt speaks English.


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