María Gómez, our resident physiotherapist has been practicing since 2001. She has expertise in Biomechanics, postural re-education, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pelvic floor issues.

Maria has a vast range of experience helping people with a whole array of needs. From babies to the elderly, from athletes to office workers, Maria will help you to achieve your goals. She uses her wide knowledge of techniques as a manual therapist to train and reprogram your system to help you return to your normal life and prevent any repeat injuries.

She especially likes working with mothers and babies, and specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation of female pelvic floor conditions.

She loves sports, Nature, travel, challenges and dancing, having fun with her friends and wants to help care for everyone around the world!

Maria speaks English, Spanish, French and German fluently, and can also use some Italian and Russian.

Registered physiotherapist PH111755 | +44 7736 545569