Online breathing workshops

For the duration of the Covid-19 crisis, Chang is helping to deliver Breathe – a project offering daily free 10 minute live breathing meditations at 7am and 830pm, weekdays. This was started for NHS colleagues, but has been expanded for  anyone else who’d like to join!

We invite everyone to rest, breathe and reset together.

To join/support please follow the link:

About Chang Park

Chang has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed her teacher diploma with one of the UK’s leading training programs at Triyoga London, where she continues to be a teaching assistant and mentor.  She is particularly interested in restorative practice and has completed further training as a restorative yoga teacher.

Chang also works as an NHS doctor – she qualified from UCL in 2004 and has worked in General Practice since 2009.  Witnessing the enormous effects of stress and lifestyle on patients, her passionate belief is that finding health in every sense requires dedicated and generous attention to the whole of our being – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.  With practice, yoga is a tool that not only fosters remarkable awareness, freedom and space in the physical body, but also nurtures deep inner transformations.  With her unending curiosity about people, which drives her professional development in both medicine and yoga, Chang will bring all of her experience, learning and intuition to help you experience the benefits of this amazing practice.

What should you expect from an appointment with Chang?

Chang’s teaching is precise and alignment focused.  In a one to one setting, classes will be structured and adapted to your individual needs and goals; you will receive careful attention and hands-on adjustments.

Rest and relaxation is an often-neglected pillar of health.  Restorative yoga practice aims to free the natural breath and release tension, re-educating the nervous system to balance and counter the stressors of modern life.  During a restorative class, you will be guided through a handful of postures held for longer periods and fully supported by props, encouraging you to settle into deep conscious relaxation.

Find out more about Chang and her practice at her website – | 07527862320