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Sports Massage is a treatment designed to help enhance the performance, injury prevention, and recovery of athletes. It can be used as a preventative measure, or to help speed up recovery from minor soft tissue injuries caused by physical activity. 

It can be done before or after exercise to maintain performance, or to help you prepare for or recover from a big event, such as a triathlon or marathon. It’s also helpful for performers, musicians, and anyone with a highly physical job.

Whether you’re into jogging or skiing, swimming or bouldering, tennis or triathlons, a sport massage at Pimlico Osteopathy can really help you get into – and stay in – peak performance condition.

What to expect from a Sports Massage

Sports massage works your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and skin, and uses four main techniques: effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement.

Effleurage is what we might think of as traditional massage – it’s a system of stroking movements, using varying degrees of pressure, used to warm and stretch superficial tissues, relax muscles, and stimulate lymph and blood flow.

Petrissage uses deeper kneading motions to encourage movement between the tissues, stretch the muscles, and improve venous and lymphatic return.

Ski injuries are common
deep tissue massage for sore feet

Friction (small movements using deeper pressure) is a disruptive technique that can be used to separate adhesions between fibres – helpful for breaking down scar tissue to regain elasticity.

Finally, Tapotement is the kind of tapping or ‘chopping’ movements that you often see in tv representations of massage – this is used to stimulate the skin and superficial muscle tissue, so it’s often used for pre-event massage.

You can choose to book a Sports Massage with our specialist sports massage therapist, or with a qualified osteopath trained in sports massage.

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