Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage at Pimlico Osteopathy

Pregnancy massage is tailored to your stage of pregnancy, and uses techniques to alleviate the aches, pains and stresses that pregnancy can put on your body and mind. Taking time for self-care is important during pregnancy, and some women choose pregnancy massage to help reduce common problems such as difficulty sleeping, or muscle and joint pains from carrying the extra weight of their bump, or simply to aid relaxation. Some mums-to-be use it as part of their preparation for labour, helping them to stay supple and flexible in the months before birth.

What to expect from a pregnancy massage

You’ll be asked a few questions to determine the right treatment for you, and you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you may have. A range of techniques, ranging from firm to gentle, might be used depending on your trimester and presenting complaint. Generally, pregnancy massages are done with you lying on your side, and this is the most comfortable position.

A pregnancy massage aids your body and mind with up to 90 minutes of treatment, allowing you time to fully unwind. As the safety and wellbeing of both mother and baby is of paramount importance, our pregnancy massage practitioners have undergone specific training to allow them to treat you safely, gently and effectively.

Pregnancy massage in Westminster
Tania Mattock - pregnancy massage therapist London

Pregnancy massage with Tania Mattock

Tania believes in adapting to what the woman’s body needs at each appointment. Often this will be a firm pressure treatment with stretches and advice, but could be a relaxing massage as appropriate. She uses a specifically designed cushion system (the Affinity Body Bolster) that is fully adaptable, enabling the woman to be safely supported while laying face down. This is an effective treatment that can address pain and restrictions that are limiting an otherwise active lifestyle. Post birth massage can also help with recovery and the bodies adaptation to looking after a baby. Tania can also check the recovery of stomach muscles and give guidance on returning to exercise.

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