Osteopathy is hands-on healthcare for the whole body.

Osteopaths are independent primary healthcare practitioners, so they are able to make their own diagnoses and decide the best course of treatment for your problem. Each session will include a bespoke treatment to meet your needs on the day. This can range from very gentle release (like cranial osteopathy) through massage and articulation, to exercise prescription and HVT (joint mobilisation).

Osteopaths can also be trained in other therapies which they will incorporate where needed, like dry needling, visceral manipulation and guided mindfulness.

Structural osteopathy looks at the impact of musculoskeletal problems like injuries or tension in the muscles, joints, nerves and tendons, and evaluates how they might be affecting wellbeing as a whole. Through analysis and manipulation, your osteopath will seek to treat the root cause of the problem, as well as ease the presenting symptoms, with the aim of reducing the likelihood of recurrence.


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