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Mara Calvi - Nutritionist - Pimlico Osteopathy

Mara Calvi

Sona Tandon - Nutritionist, Pimlico Osteopathy

Sona Tandon

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food

With our incredible access to information it has become difficult to really tell what food is and isn’t good for us.

We need food to function but this doesn’t mean that food needs to be boring. And delicious food doesn’t have to be bad for us!

Many of us can end up thinking of food as a struggle; torn between tasty, unhealthy, fattening snacks and bland healthy diets. This often leads to an unhealthy relationship with our digestion. This can even lead to changes in how our body responds to nutrition.

Instead, we should think of food as one of our best allies to sustain good health!

A picture of some healthy naturopathic soup and nuts

Naturopathic nutrition focuses on whole food as medicine. It empowers individuals to make the right food choices for their body type and lifestyle helping the body restore itself from within.

We consider that health is based on the relationship between our bodies, emotions and our environment. Naturopathic nutrition addresses potential nutrient deficiencies, to encourage health and restore wellbeing through appropriate nourishment.

How can we help?

As nutritionists we:

  • Take a full case history to understand your concerns
  • Describe how your diet and lifestyle could be involved
  • Provide personalized nutritional advice to give you the power to take control of your own health

We will also follow up over time and adapt this plan as required

Book a consultation with our nutritionists now! We recommend a free consultation first so you can decide whether the service is right for you, but if you want to move straight to a course of treatment please contact (+44 7771 635538) or (+44 7725 990665) and they will be happy to help.