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Wellness clinic, Pimlico, London

Wellness centre, Pimlico, London

We are a broad-based osteopathy and wellness clinic with a wide range of expertise among our experienced professional staff and a real passion for helping people stay fit and healthy as well as helping them with treatment of problems as they arise. The qualified professionals in our osteopathy clinic can help you with injury, movement problems or aches and pains and we help our clients recover and become pain-free fast.

– Do you want to take control of your health and wellness?
– Are nutrition and exercise important to you?
– Do you have injuries that are causing you pain or restricting your movement?
– Do you want to stay healthy and age well?

Just get in touch and we can tell you more about how a visit to our clinic would help you.

Information on our wellness clinic

* Highly reviewed physical therapy clinic with top ratings in Google and Facebook Reviews from our Pimlico area patients

* The professional staff in our clinic are members of their professional bodies with top level qualifications and experience

* We have male and female practitioners in our clinic if you have a preference (see our staff page for more information on qualifications and registration)

* Whether you need to come to our clinic as an emergency or just to have a chat or book an assessment, please just call us on 0207 834 6229 and we will help you as best we can

Who works at our clinic?

In addition to our osteopaths, we have experienced staff who provide sports massage, nutrition, exercise plans, injury rehabilitation and a wide range of related services.

Tips to help you stay healthy and age well from our wellness clinic experts

Eating and drinking to stay healthy

  • Drink plenty of water – 2 litres a day will keep you in good shape and you won’t eat as much
  • Don’t drink sugary drinks – they can ruin your teeth, help you put on weight and possibly develop harmful conditions like diabetes.
  • Eat vegetables – eat the rainbow, brightly-coloured fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and vital vitamins.
  • Cut out bread – sensitivity to wheat can cause a range of digestive problems, including bloating and excessive wind.
  • Cut back on sugar – see improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the risk of suffering a heart attack.
  • Drink less alcohol – save money and give your liver a rest.
  • Eat more fibre – keep your digestive system, the “gut microbiome” in top shape.

Exercise to stay fit and maintain your body

  • Walk – leave the car at home and stretch your legs. Your body will thank you.
  • Stretch – stay flexible and maintain good posture by stretching regularly.
  • Do yoga or Pilates – boost your core strength, stay flexible and de-stress.
  • Do cardio exercise – apart from keeping you fitter, it can help with weight loss, increase bone density, fend off heart disease and relieve mental health issues
  • Do weights – gain muscle, lose weight, be fitter, feel better.
  • Get a personal trainer – get one-to-one training advice from an expert and follow a plan designed for you.

Life in general

  • Sleep 8 hours – your body rebuilds itself while you sleep, a blackout blind can help
  • Educate yourself about your body and health – read health blogs, subscribe to email updates
  • Brush your teeth – keep plaque and gum disease at bay by brushing twice daily for about two minutes.
  • Get a health app – measure your steps, assess your wellbeing, once you start thinking about it you will start making changes for the better
  • Get some sun – sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D which helps fight all sorts of ailments, triggers the release of feel-good hormones and help clear up skin problems like eczema and acne (but don’t get burnt – use high factor sun cream and avoid the hottest parts of the day).
  • Take some “you” time – make some time each day for yourself.
  • Don’t smoke – it’s really bad for your health and your wallet.

There is more great advice, tips and tools on how to stay healthy on the NHS Live Well page.

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