Physical therapy clinic, Pimlico, London

Physical therapy clinic
Physical therapy clinic, Pimlico, London

We are a broad-based osteopathy clinic using physical therapy and related approaches to physical problems and wellness. We have a wide range of expertise among our experienced professional staff and a real passion for helping people stay fit and healthy as well as helping them with treatment of problems as they arise. The qualified professionals in our osteopathy practice can help you with injuries, movement problems or aches and pains and we help our clients recover and become pain-free fast.

– Do you have injuries that are causing you pain or restricting your movement?
– Have you had surgery and need to get back to full function fast?
– Are you suffering from long-standing back or neck pain?
– Do you have aches and pains or restricted movement?

Just get in touch and we can tell you more about how a visit to our osteopathy clinic would help you.

Information on our physical therapy clinic

* Highly reviewed osteopathy clinic with top ratings in Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews from our Pimlico area patients

* The professional staff in our clinic are registered with the General Osteopathic Council with top level qualifications and experience

* We have male and female osteopaths in our physical therapy practice if you have a preference (see our staff page for more information on qualifications and registration)

* Whether you need to come to our clinic as an emergency or just to have a chat or book an assessment, please just call us on 0207 834 6229 and we will help you as best we can

Who works in physical therapy?

In addition to our osteopaths, we have experienced staff who provide massage, nutrition therapy, acupuncture and sports injury rehab services. Our experts can also provide restorative yoga and Alexander Technique classes.

Osteopathy or Physiotherapy?

We are often asked about the differences between an osteopath and a physiotherapist. There are many similarities and as both osteopathy or physiotherapy practice is guided by research, the principles of each profession are quite similar. We both offer hands-on treatment and prescribe exercises to enhance recovery, we are both regulated professions, meaning that each osteopath and physiotherapist needs to meet strict criteria each year in order to practice. We are more similar than we are different.

When they are studying, physiotherapists are required to work in the NHS, whereas osteopaths aren’t, getting their practical experience in clinics related to their universities. Some physiotherapists continue to work in the NHS when they graduate, whereas most osteopathic practices are private. Being treated in a private practice can help the patient in a lot of ways. It is quicker to be seen in private practice, often with same-day appointments. It also means we have more freedom to achieve the specific goals of a patient and work with them until they are able to do the things that matter to them in their life, rather than discharge them when certain NICE guidelines are met.

In summary, what we say to our patients is: find a therapist that works for you. There are some great physios out there and some great osteopaths. We can treat the same things and achieve the same results, even if the techniques we use are slightly different. At Pimlico Osteopathy, we believe we are great osteopaths and the 5-star testimonials we receive from our patients back this up. We are told we have a warm, friendly and professional environment to help our patients in and we look forward to welcoming you here when you need our help.

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Osteopathy or Chiropractic?

Patients also as about the differences between an osteopath and a chiropractor.

Osteopathy was founded in the 1870s and focuses on the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and overall health. Chiropractic care was founded in 1895 and focusses on biomechanics and the structure of the spine.

Osteopaths look at the whole body and focus on its structure and function. Chiropractors mainly focus on the alignment of the spine and believe they can relieve pain by preventing pinched nerves or any other compromise of the nervous system.

Osteopaths tend to treat a broader range of disorders, while most chiropractors focus on muscle and joint pain.

Osteopaths usually use a greater variety of techniques to manipulate the body’s healing systems. They may do more muscle and soft tissue work or manipulate other joints in the body. Chiropractors mainly focus on adjustments to the vertebrae of the spine.

In summary: think about the problem you have and who has the most appropriate treatments and find a therapist that works for you.

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