Pain control clinic, Pimlico, London

Pain relief in our pain control clinic
Pain relief in our pain control clinic, Pimlico, London

We are a broad-based osteopathy and pain control clinic with a wide range of expertise among our experienced professional staff of providing pain relief for our patients and a real passion for helping people stay fit and healthy as well as helping them with treatment of problems as they arise. The qualified professionals in our osteopathy clinic can help you with injury, movement problems or aches and pains and we help our clients recover and become pain-free fast.

– Do you have injuries that are causing you pain or restricting your movement?
– Have you had surgery and need pain relief and to get back to full function fast?
– Are you suffering from long-standing back or neck pain?
– Do you have regular headaches and want to relieve the pain?

Just get in touch and we can tell you more about how a visit to our osteopathy clinic would help you.

Information on our pain relief services

* Highly reviewed pain relief treatments with top ratings in Google Reviews and Facebook from our Pimlico area patients

* The professional staff in our osteopathy clinic are experts in pain control and registered with the General Osteopathic Council with top level qualifications and experience

* We have male and female osteopaths in our clinic if you have a preference (see our staff page for more information on qualifications and registration)

* Whether you need to come to our clinic for emergency pain relief or just to have a chat or book an assessment, please just call us on 0207 834 6229 and we will help you as best we can

The osteopathic approach to pain relief

We often take medicine to deal with pain, but there are other ways to get relief. Osteopaths practice a whole-body approach to health care and instead of focusing on the symptoms, like pain, they look at the whole person to try to find and deal with the original causes of the problem. Osteopaths not only treat painful or symptomatic areas of the body but also look beyond to other factors that could have led to a problem. Osteopathic treatment looks at the body as a whole and works on improving whole-body function.

With a holistic approach to patient care, encompassing the integration of structure and function, emotional and social aspects of health and healing, and a broad approach to pain assessment, management and relief, osteopaths are uniquely positioned to manage patients with chronic pain and provide them with relief.

Manual therapy is widely recognised as an effective way to help reduce joint pain and other painful conditions, as well as helping to restore or improve movement and flexibility of the joints. Osteopathy is a form of holistic, non-invasive therapy that uses a number of different hands-on techniques to treat and relieve pain.

There is a good article from the NHS here on “10 ways to reduce pain“, though if you think your pain has a physical source, we would recommend getting it assessed by an expert as the first step to dealing with it effectively and avoiding it in future.

Osteopathy services in Pimlico, London

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