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What is Podiatry?

Podiatrists (also known as chiropodists) diagnose and treat conditions of the feet and lower limbs. You can see a podiatrist if you’re experiencing problems with your feet, ankles, legs or toes, or to get advice or prevent problems or deformities from developing. They can also just help to keep your feet in tip top condition, by trimming nails, calluses or removing hard skin from your feet.

Podiatrist working on a foot

As well as advice how to look after your feet and practical tips for footwear, your podiatrist can treat and remedy foot problems and concerns, such as:

  • ingrowing toenails
  • nail cutting
  • hard skin and corn reduction
  • fungal infections
  • verrucas and warts
  • heel pain/plantar fasciitis
  • medical pedicure and warm wax therapy
  • toe nail surgery
  • diabetes foot health.

If you have diabetes, you’ll benefit from seeing a podiatrist regularly – our resident podiatrist, Chipo, is a specialist in treating diabetic patients, helping to treat or to avoid the associated foot problems that can occur.

Podiatrists can also advise on and prescribe othortic insoles, padding and arch support inserts for your shoes to relieve arch, heel, ankle, foot or leg pain. They’re also able to give advice and treatment for sports- or exercise-related injuries, to get you back to fitness as quickly as possible.

Chipo Chapungu - Podiatrist

From complex to simple concerns about your feet, it’s definitely worth having a chat with a podiatrist to make sure you nip any developing or existing problems in the bud. Our podiatrist Chipo is available for appointments every Tuesday and Thursday, and you can book an appointment online with her here.