Newborn mother and baby clinic

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FREE newborn check for both child and mother in our mother and baby clinic!

Birth is a miraculous and wonderful process through which we all come into the world! There is of course some natural stress that can be felt in babies heads and bodies, and mothers pelvis’ and spines. Regardless of the complications (or ease) of the birth it can be useful to get an expert opinion on your recovery as a family unit.

Every Wednesday from 10-12 Chiara Ribera and Ruth Levitan together provide a free mother and newborn baby check service in our mother and baby clinic. They will examine both you and your child, and offer advice and help with any questions you may have.

Appointments in our mother and baby clinic

Your initial free appointment will be 30 minutes long. If you wish, you can also book a full appointment including a case history, examination and treatment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ruth or Chiara above.

We are afraid that online booking is not currently available for the mother and baby clinic, but you can either speak to Chiara or Ruth, or contact us on 020 7834 6229 or


Will I receive any treatment in the free check?

Whilst Chiara and Ruth will be happy to offer advice and help, before treating they will need to take a full case history. Talk to them at the check to find out how osteopathy may be able to help you and your child.

Is there anywhere to leave a pram?

Whilst the clinic is downstairs inside Warwick Pharmacy, there is space to park a pram upstairs.

Is the clinic accessible?

As long as you are able to comfortably ascend and descend a flight of stairs, there are no further obstacles.