Tachbrook Street Market

Tachbrook Street MarketTachbrook Street Market in London SW1 is a varied market selling a mixture of staple and luxury foods and household goods. Open
Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm you will find stalls selling fish, meat, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, household goods, women’s clothing and a variety of hot food.

Things people say about Tachbrook Street Market (from Google Reviews):

  • Fabulous street food close to Victoria station. So much variety, such great taste
  • Great little market with some different choices. Including Jordanian food. A decent option for vegans or veggies as well with two falafel stalls. The oriental places are quite good as well. My favourite is the Turkish one though.
  • Tasty as usual. Like coming back to the Lebanese stall for chicken sumac.
  • A great little market in the middle of London. Lots of fresh produce & food stands for a working lunch. I particularly recommend the little blue Falafel stand – best falafel wraps I’ve found in London
  • Always a good shout to get lunch from Tachbrook street market. The variety is decent but not overwhelming as there is some overlap between shops, and they change day-to-day. Favourites are the caglar kebab (it’s big. Even the small wrap is a good size), similar to the falafel shop in the far corner (medium is adequate). The Jinjja place does a great spicy chicken box and so does the Japanese place next to it. Not a lot of seats around and it is open air so just be cautious if it’s raining!

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A short walk from our new location in Pimlico Osteopathy Millbank Tower, Tachbrook Street Market is a great place for all sorts of street food from around the world as well as fruit, veg, fish and all sorts of foodstuffs.

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