Free acupuncture consultation


Why not contact our acupuncturist directly?



We understand that you may not be ready to book a full acupuncture appointment yet, maybe because:

  • You are not sure whether our services will actually help you
  • You don’t really know us yet and want to find out more
  • You are not sure if it will be value for money
  • You are still considering other options

So we want to make it really easy for you – come along for a free consultation with our expert acupuncturist with no obligation whatsoever.

We can talk with you and do an initial assessment as appropriate then advise exactly how we could help you, how long it might take and what the cost would be. If you want to proceed after that we can continue with a normal appointment. If not, there will be no charge and we can part as friends and we will be there next time you need us.

Use the form below to book your free initial acupuncture consultation or, if you prefer, give us a call on 020 7834 6229 and we will arrange it for you.

Other free consultation options:


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