To celebrate moving in to Millbank Tower, Pimlico Osteopathy would like to offer £15 off new patient appointments to Citibase tenants until the end of March (usual price £85). You can also book yourself a free 15-minute consultation if you’d like a little more information first.

To make an appointment, you can call reception on 0207 834 6229, email or click here to book!

Because of the way the online booking system works, we have to take payment for the full amount at the time of booking, so let us know if you make an appointment and we can do a partial refund.

But what IS osteopathy?

If you aren’t familiar with osteopathy, it is hands-on healthcare! We treat lots of sore backs and necks from working at a desk, and sprains and strains from exercise, but can also often help with all sorts of other things. Muscle tension, digestive issues, postural assessments and breathing mechanics can all be looked at too. In fact, if it’s a sore bit of your body at all, we’d be happy to see if we can help.Osteopath - physical therapies to aid recovery and health

During your first appointment your osteopath will talk through a full case history with you. They may then ask you to change into shorts or your underwear depending what you have come to talk about. Rest assured, it is also possible to stay fully clothed, or however you will feel comfortable. We have male and female practitioners, and we are very happy to work around you. They will examine you, tell you what they think is happening, and then do some treatment, as well as usually giving some exercises to do at home.

Osteopathic treatment is very varied, and can include massage and joint articulation, (or even joint clicking!), or stretching, dry needling, or gentle cranial treatments. We always have different ways of getting to an outcome, so don’t worry if a certain treatment doesn’t appeal.

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*free 15-minute consultation does not include treatment – we need to get a bit more information before we can do anything more hands on!

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